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Kingston Natural Therapies: expert advice, individualised treatment

Kingston Natural Therapies has been providing patients with holistic and natural treatments since 1984, with expertise and a passion for treating underlying causes, not just symptoms.

Naturopath and herbalist Guy Clews says the Kingston Natural Therapies team are able to consult on and treat a wide range of health problems, such as issues with the nervous, immune and gastrointestinal systems, as well as skin conditions.

“With natural therapies, the major difference between us and other therapy approaches is that naturopathy is very concerned about the underlying causes of the various diseases that we see,” Guy says. “And those underlying causes are different in different individuals.”  

He says there may be different causes for any condition. Each appointment begins with a detailed ‘systems review’ to pinpoint why there is a health breakdown.

Guy says natural therapies can work exceptionally well for nervous system problems, such as insomnia, anxiety and depression.

“Naturopathy is very effective because of its holistic, thorough approach which addresses the underlying factors that can cause these problems to occur,” he says.

“It is wonderful to see these problems improve and people regain their quality of life.”

He says naturopathy is gaining in popularity as people discover the benefits of natural treatments.

“It’s because people have an understanding that our therapies are very focused on the underlying causes of people’s illness and what triggers their health problems.”

“When you have that focus in your therapy, what you can do is you can stop problems recurring,” Guy says.

“Our treatment methodologies include herbal medicine, vitamin and mineral therapy, diet and lifestyle modification, allergy detection and massage therapy/Bowen therapy, which enables us to tailor treatment to each client’s specific requirements.”

To book an appointment with Guy, call Kingston Natural Therapies on 6295 6660.

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