Just chill with some refreshing beverages


Hot drinks not your poison? Fancy something that takes you back to warmer times? No worries – we have you covered there, too with some refreshing beverages.

Strawberry G&T

Recipe and image courtesy of Queensland Strawberries.

Serves 2

  • Gin
  • Tonic water
  • Crushed ice
  • 4 Tbsp strawberry syrup or smashed fresh strawberries
  • Shredded basil leaves
  • Slices of lime

Add 1 part gin to 2 parts tonic water in each highball glass.

Add crushed ice, strawberries or strawberry syrup, and decorate with lime and basil.

Green avo smoothie

Recipe by Sam Wood for Australian Avocados.

  • 1/2 medium ripe Shepard avocado
  • 1 large frozen banana
  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • 1 handful of spinach  
  • 3/4-1 cup of unsweetened almond milk or coconut milk

Remove the seed from the avocado and blend all ingredients in a blender until smooth and creamy. Enjoy!

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