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Inside & out: secure your home

The latest in news, trends and happenings for the home.

Secure your home

Uniden’s top tips for securing your home while away will help to ensure your holiday is stress-free:

  1. Lockdown: Make sure all doors and windows around the home, shed or garage are securely locked shut. Double check before you head away!
  2. Keep watch: Invest in a security camera featuring remote access and motion detection. Position cameras at entry ways, out of reach but within sight, to act as an additional deterrent.
  3. Under the spotlight: The home is at its most vulnerable at night. Install a motion detection spotlight or a two-in-one camera and spotlight to illuminate driveways and entrances to deter any unwanted guests.
  4. Home alone: Keep energy efficient lights, the TV or radio on to give the impression someone is home. Setting up timers or investing in smart light bulbs so devices turn on and off will save on energy costs.
  5. House sitter: Ask a family member or friend to house sit for the duration the property is left unoccupied. This will decrease the risk of any potential break-ins by having visible activity at home.

Child safety device

Australian owned and operated company iStaySafe have been named a finalist in the ICT category of the Optus My Business awards after the launch of their new software platform. iStaySafe’s safety smartwatch, TicTocTrack (pictured) was initially designed to keep children and young teens safe. Now, parents have the ability to monitor both the TicTocTrack watch as well as Android and iOS mobile phones from one login.

For more information: tictoctrack.com.au

Star Warsfurniture collection

Calling all Star Warsfans! Fantastic Furniture has released a new Star Warscollection, which includes an X-Wing bed, TIE Fighter bedside, a Death Star-themed table, character cushions and wall art. Further additions will be introduced later in the year, including a chair, mattress and bedhead.

The range is now available from Fantastic Furniture. Further additions will be available in store in early November.

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