Inside & out: Reno-mate & puzzles

Mara Stroppa (centre), pictured with Highgrove director Steve Muse and nominator Patricia Hills, was the Canberra winner of Highgrove Bathroom’s Reno-Mate competition.

Reno-Mate reward

Highgrove Bathrooms recently ran a ‘Reno-Mate’ campaign encouraging people to nominate a colleague, friend or family member who’s always giving back to the community and deserving of a bathroom renovation. Mara Stroppa, an RFS member, was named the Canberra winner and received a $4,000 voucher to put towards her dream bathroom.

Perfect puzzles

Canberra landscape photographer and gallery owner Scott Leggo recently launched a jigsaw puzzle range through his online store. The puzzles are available in three sizes (252, 500 and 1,000 pieces) with a range of 16 of his most popular photographs to choose from including the Australian War Memorial (pictured).

Priced from $47, to order or see the full puzzle collection, visit

Top 5 cosy comforts

Stylist Tara Wokulski shares her simple and practical tips to bring cosiness and comfort into your home:

Start with soft and cosy: We’re talking anything you can snuggle into or bring in for a cuddle.

Bring the outdoors in: A small, or large, touch of nature in the home not only looks great, but helps create a sense of peace, relaxation and tranquillity. Looking around at happy houseplants or florals makes you happy too, and helps with balance and harmony. Be sure to house your plants and arrangements in appropriately sized pots, bowls and vases.

Don’t leave your walls bare: Art is always important, and can totally make a space. Find an artist with a style you love, and purchase a couple of pieces from a series. You can always add or mix things up later.

Update your basics: Hone in on those products you bought on the cheap; these can be functional pieces like a wastepaper bin or toilet brush. Updating and upgrading these items can create an overwhelming difference in your home, and provide small, but significant, moments of joy when used.

Fragrance: If you don’t have a signature fragrance in your home, you’re really missing out. The sensation of walking into a lightly scented room is game changing, and completely changes the ambience and feel of a space.

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