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In the ‘doghouse’ for a good cause

RSPCA ACT is once again throwing willing people into the ‘doghouse’, in a bid to fundraise for their shelter operations.

The ‘In the Doghouse’ campaign is back again in March, with people encouraged to register to spend time in the kennels at RSPCA ACT. Participants will be required to set an ‘adoption’ target, and will only be released from the kennels once that has been reached.

RSPCA ACT CEO Michelle Robertson says the RSPCA relies heavily on support and financial donations to continue its operations.

“We try to find ways to make it interesting – and fun – for organisations, teams and individuals to get involved and do critical fundraising for us,” she says.

“It costs us approximately $30 to provide one day’s care for a healthy dog in our shelter. Care includes housing, bedding, walks, socialisation, treats and plenty of pats. Right now we have close to 60 dogs in our care. Some dogs that come into our shelter require a series of medical treatments, which can become costly and poses additional financial challenges for us.

“Our aim is to raise $40,000 [this year] for dogs in our care. We raised $35,000 last year,” Ms Robertson says.

As a long-time supporter of the RSPCA’s work, real estate agent for LJ Hooker Kaleen, Ben Lewis has put his name down to go into the doghouse for the first time.

“My fiancé and I have two of our own rescue RSPCA puppies. I’ve grown up with dogs for the most part of my life, and I’m all about adopting and not buying. There are so many animals and so many dogs that need a home that are put into shelters that really need that assistance,” Mr Lewis says.

“I’d much rather show some support for a cause like the RSPCA who are so good. It costs quite a bit to house and to feed them, to give them their vet bills; they do some wonderful work.

“The more money that they can get towards advertising or helping adopt these puppies out, is a cause that I’d much rather get around. It’s extremely important to me.”

Mr Lewis has set his fundraising target for $500, but says he’d try and raise $5,000 if he could.

“If I’ve got a puppy I would sleep here.”

Participants will enter the ‘dog house’ on Friday 22 March 4-8pm. For more information, to register or to donate to a campaign, visit rspca-act.org.au

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