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Hundreds of Canberrans keen to make the switch to electric vehicles

Canberra’s first ever electric vehicle (EV) community bulk-buy has grabbed the attention of hundreds as they register to be a part of the launch at the Kambri Cultural Centre, ANU on 25 February.

Australia’s first 100% electric car dealer, Good Car Company, is partnering with SEE-Change Canberra to bring a range of affordable quality EVs to people in the ACT.

Good Car Company co-founder Anton Vikstrom explained that the idea behind the bulk buy is to make EVs more affordable.

We work on a campaign with the local community to order in a lot of electric cars and that drives down the import prices and changes the narrative of electric vehicles,” he said.

“By purchasing quality second-hand electric vehicles for Canberrans and importing them to Australia from Japan, we are able to pass on savings of up to tens of thousands of dollars compared to new vehicles, with the added benefit of battery warranty for peace of mind.”

Good Car Company started in Tasmania in 2019 to bring affordable EVs to more people to help accelerate the transition to a carbon-free future. The company’s co-founders are all sustainability experts who have worked for years in Australia and overseas to help transition communities to emerging green technologies.

Co-founders Anthony Broese van Groenou, Sam Whitehead and Anton Vikstrom are all sustainability experts who have worked for years in Australia and overseas to help transition communities to emerging green technologies.

“We’re used to working in this format and we’re involved because we need to reduce our emissions rapidly,” said Mr Vikstrom.

“The goal is to accelerate decarbonising communities across Australia through rapid uptake of affordable electric vehicles.”

Research from the Climate Council has revealed that cars are responsible for roughly half of Australia’s transport emissions, collectively emitting the same as Queensland’s entire fossil-fueled electricity supply. Mr Vikstrom said Canberrans should consider making the swap to an EV for three reasons.

“One, it’s a great way to reduce your household by three tonnes of carbon per year,” he said.

“The second reason is to show leadership within the community and the third reasons is they’re much more fun to drive. It’s a zippy little automatic vehicle that’s quiet, doesn’t smell and takes off from the lights really fast.”

According to The Good Car Company, the cars are cheaper to run and service while also providing better fuel security, reducing the need to depend on foreign oil. For those interested in buying an EV, there are several things to consider.

“The key one is working out their usage patterns and what sort of vehicle can patch in to meet their needs. That has to do with range and charging,” Mr Vikstrom said.

“All our cars charge off a normal power point. Most Canberrans can charge the car at home, you tend to use it like your mobile phone; when you get home you plug the car in.”

The launch is also unveiling a four-week community education program that will take place from 25 February until 26 March to show the Canberra community how easy it is to make the change to emissions-free travel. The program will include video content, information sessions and Zoom calls for those interested in learning more about EVs. Canberrans can also test drive the EVs from Thursday 11 February until the end of the bulk buy.

Mr Vikstrom said he’s excited to work with residents to bring more EVs into Australia and is impressed by the leadership the ACT has shown in its adoption of renewable energy.

“It’s now leading the way in EV transport. We’re really excited to be a part of that story.”

Event details

WHAT: Canberra community electric vehicle bulk buy launch

WHEN: Thursday 25 February 6.30-8.30pm

WHERE: Courtyard of Kambri Cultural Centre, Australian National University Building 153, University Avenue, Acton. The event will be held outside in the courtyard.

REGISTRATIONS: Due to Covid-19, limited tickets are available. Register to attend in person at www.goodcar.co/canberra

LIVESTREAM: Via The Good Car Company Facebook page

Book a test drive in a Nissan Leaf at www.goodcar.co/canberratestdrive

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