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How to train like a ‘Ninja Warrior’

Everyone wants to be a ‘Ninja Warrior’, or, for our school programs, a ‘Battle Ninja’ kid.

To become a Ninja Warrior or a Battle Ninja you will need to be focused and work on areas you might not usually, such as hand strength – you’ll need to be able to hang from bars and rings for a long time, as well as create your own momentum to swing through the area and move from one piece of equipment to the other. So much fun!

Body weight training is the starting point. You need to understand how to move your body – with movements and positions that for some people seem impossible – and to leap, jump and land without touching the water.

Grip strength is also one of the most important parts of training, as well as knowing how to rest different parts of your body when others are working or balancing.

We all have heard about how Ninja Warriors have an amazing ability to focus; this helps you take on any obstacle and work through it without making any mistakes to be able to continue the course.

And finally, remember: you only get one shot at being the next Ninja Warrior!

Train to be a Ninja in no time with this workout, perfect for the whole family:

  • 5 mins jogging  
  • 30 x sit-ups
  • 1 min straight arm hang
  • 1 min balance walk (you can use small logs or plank of wood)
  • 20 x frog leaps (use mats or towels placed 1 metre apart, and jump from one to the other)
  • 20 x step-ups, each leg
  • 20-30 secs grip time (hang on to monkey bars just with your fingers, if you can)
  • 1 x monkey bars (move from one end to the other without stopping)
  • 20 x push-ups
  • 30 secs plank
  • 30 secs hopping, each leg
  • 30 x arm rotations, forward and backward
  • 1 min skipping

Always test out your equipment or obstacle before you and the kids hop on to make sure it’s safe!

BFirm is running school holiday programs for kids: Battle Ninja and Battle Ninja Games. We will be filming the battle on both Fridays for our YouTube Channel, so you can watch your very own Battle Ninja run!

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