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How to renovate a small laundry

With the average person spending up to 16 hours per week on housework, the laundry is an essential part of the Australian household. European white goods brand Beko offers some top tips to make the most from a limited laundry area.

Horizontal vs vertical

Space optimisation is vital when renovating a small laundry and it’s no secret that washing machines and dryers aren’t the slimmest of appliances. Designing your room around essential laundry fittings is the best way to make sure your space is functional and utilises the limited room available. If your laundry doesn’t have the luxury of space to fit two separate washer and dryer units, a combined washer-dryer can be the ultimate space-saving solution.

On the straight and narrow

Traditional laundry sinks are often large in depth and width, but essential for the everyday washing process. When looking for a sink, choose deep yet narrow options and consider rotating the sink across the width of your counter instead of along the length to free up space.

Space-saving storage

Laundries can often hold miscellaneous household items, and in a tight space, there’s no room for disorganisation. Utilising wall space with shelving is the best way to maximise available space above your appliances no matter the setup. Baskets are an excellent way to organise using an open shelf, offering storage flexibility and movement that a smaller laundry really benefits from. Having a designated spot for every item in your laundry is a must to decrease clutter and save you time searching.

If you’re after additional workspace, consider placing a timber board above your sink so it becomes a functional area for ironing or folding when it’s not in use. You can also make use of your vertical space by installing a drop-down ironing board and drying racks from your cabinetry, which can be easily tucked away and save valuable floor space.

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