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How to create the ultimate media room

Media rooms are more than just a TV room. And with many of us working from home in the current landscape, they could just prove to be a valuable addition to your lifestyle – and your property!

When done correctly, the ultimate media room not only provides the perfect environment for binge-watching your favourite movies or shows, it adds value to your home as an additional living space for family members to enjoy.

Here are a few key points to keep in mind when creating the ultimate media room at home:

Choosing the right space

If you’re repurposing an existing room for your new media space, the shape and size of the room needs to meet the needs of your family and home entertainment system. It’s also important to consider lighting and if the room has enough electrical outlets to work effectively.

Minimise noise

While an entertainment hub is the ultimate relaxation zone and on many homeowners’ wish lists, modern sound systems have the potential to noise pollute the entire house, reducing the effectiveness in the media room.

If you have the luxury of renovating or building your media room, be sure to research products that can aid in the management of acoustics. Poor acoustics can amplify background noise and make the most advanced hi-fi equipment sound mediocre.

Lock down the light

As a multi-use space, media room lighting is crucial. Nothing ruins a good movie more than a glare across the screen, plus you need the freedom to let the light in and brighten the room as easily as you darken it. It’s important to consider things like ambient lighting, easy-use control systems and lighting design to ensure your media room remains practical anytime of day.

Get comfortable

Media rooms need to be comfortable, with enough space for all your family members and friends. Consider how much seating you will require and choose a comfortable, deep sofa that accommodates this. Layer with plush elements, like throws, blankets and pillows. You may like to include extra seating, such as an armchair or ottoman, with a few nesting tables for those movie snacks.

Home automation will add to your sense of comfort, and can incorporate everything from your television to the sound system, dropdown media screens, lighting and even your window shades.

Image courtesy of Dynaudio.

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