Horoscopes: 22 – 28 October 2020


Francis Bevan has put together his horoscopes for the week 22 – 28 October 2020. This week’s celebrity birthday is Guy Sebastian.

Celebrity birthday

Guy Sebastian

Guy Sebastian

26 October 1981

The year ahead may be somewhat indecisive for Guy; he is going to need to be firm in his attitude and to keep his belief in himself and his faith strong. He can choose to see the year ahead as an opportunity for growth. He should get as much information as he can to help him make the right decisions before launching into any confusing situations or opportunities. Guy will need to be careful of being too critical with friends and family members.

ARIES 21 Mar – 20 Apr

With Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, money could be a contentious issue so don’t be surprised if the temperature between yourself and someone else reaches boiling point. Self-control may be one of your strong suits, but don’t pretend that you have things under control if you don’t.

TAURUS 21 Apr – 21 May

Watch your P’s and Q’s when expressing yourself this week, especially with colleagues and superiors. On the health front, try taking some gentle exercise and cutting out anything unhealthy from your diet, as this should make a big difference to your energy levels.

GEMINI 22 May – 21 June

Crossed wires and delays are two of the most likely manifestations of the transit of Mercury retrograde in Scorpio from 14 October to 4 November. So, do everything you can to communicate clearly with others and try to be philosophical if things take longer than you anticipated.

CANCER 22 June – 22 July

The focus is on the home and family this month so be prepared to make some changes, especially if you have reached the end of your tether with one family member. A rollercoaster ride may sound exciting, but you could do with something gentler right now.

LEO 23 July – 23 Aug

With Mercury retrograde, the focus is on relationships with family members and there may be a need to resolve something you have been doing your best to avoid. Happily, you might find it won’t loom anywhere near as large once you have it out into the open.

VIRGO 24 Aug – 23 Sept

Mercury Retrograde slams the brakes on financial matters, which could make life rather frustrating to say the least. Brick walls may appear where you thought you had a clear run at something. But there are always ways around these obstacles and, Virgo, no doubt you will find them.

LIBRA 24 Sept – 23 Oct

This is a good time to take stock of your life. If you feel you still have so much potential to fulfil, write a list of all the things you want to accomplish. Your sign is known for using strategy to achieve what you want and whatever goals you set you usually manage to achieve.

SCORPIO 24 Oct – 22 Nov

You must be careful of being misled or undermined in some way, or of unconsciously sabotaging your own best efforts this week. Trust your instincts and intuitions as you may not get all the answers straight away, but the truth will eventually come to light.

SAGITTARIUS 23 Nov – 21 Dec

The spotlight is on your friends and acquaintances. If you work as part of a team, you’ll be in your element as this is a time for team playing. You could be top of everyone’s A list, so if you’re looking for quiet nights in with a good book or TV show, take your phone off the hook.

CAPRICORN 22 Dec – 20 Jan

This is the ideal time to think about where you are going professionally. You’re well placed to weigh up the pros and cons and work out what your next move should be. If you’re worried about not having the right skills or experience, now’s the time to upskill.

AQUARIUS 21 Jan – 19 Feb

Mercury retrograde indicates you need to be careful of how you deal with friends and colleagues, as someone may not want to cooperate or perhaps, they feel left out in some way. While you can’t please everyone all the time, don’t let one person’s negativity deter you from making progress.

PISCES 20 Feb – 20 Mar

With Mercury retrograde in Scorpio from 14 October to 4 November, it is time to turn your heightened perceptions to your love life, important partnerships, investments, insurance, tax and shared resources. An intelligent approach now could potentially save you a lot of problems later.

WITH FRANCIS BEVAN, francisbevan.com

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