Horoscopes: 10 – 16 September 2020


Francis Bevan has put together his weekly horoscopes for the week 10 – 16 September 2020. This week’s celebrity birthday is Prince Harry.

LONDON, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 28: Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex speaks with members of the Invictus Games Choir at Abbey Road Studios, where a single has been recorded for the Invictus Games Foundation on February 28, 2020 in London, England. (Photo by Hannah McKay - WPA Pool / Gettyimages)

Celebrity birthday

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex

15 September 1984

Prince Harry is going to need to be more self-sufficient and prepared to grasp opportunities when they arise. The year ahead is when the universe will test his courage both on the personal front and in the professional arena. He will need to stand on his own two feet and be prepared to go it alone.  This is an excellent time for him to explore different horizons. Healthwise, he must make time to rest!

ARIES 21 Mar – 20 Apr

With Mars retrograde from 9 September, there’s no point in expecting anything to run according to its usual routine as the planets are having a disruptive effect on your life. This would be an ideal time for marking time or simply resting, to help avoid any unnecessary upheaval.

TAURUS 21 Apr – 21 May

Mars retrograde is testing your patience whilst you tolerantly wait for good times to return in November. This is time for reflection and retreat from the hurly-burly of life. Events seem to be in the hands of fate and it appears there’s not much you can do about that.

GEMINI 22 May – 21 June

The focus is on your home and family. If there have been any issues there, this is a good time for sorting things out. But don’t expect to have your own way. Listen to others’ points of view and they will return the courtesy by listening to you.

CANCER 22 June – 22 July

On the work front, Murphy’s law is in operation so don’t expect to get very far with anything this week. You would also be wise to keep things to yourself and not to be too open about your plans until the time comes to speak out.

LEO 23 July – 23 Aug

This week does not look to be a very promising time on the professional front; there may be a dominating male energy to deal with and your relationships with more senior colleagues could be rather challenging. There will be extra challenges to face with meeting your targets.

VIRGO 24 Aug – 23 Sept

Health or legal matters may enter your private life either because you require these services or a loved one does. Your intuition is going to be rather strong and your hunches will be spot on! Financial matters that involve other people’s money will become important.

LIBRA 24 Sept – 23 Oct

External circumstances could be creating issues between family members this week and the home environment might be full of conflicts and confrontations. Forthright speech is acceptable in some situations, but this isn’t one of them. Be careful of making frank statements that border on tactlessness.

SCORPIO 24 Oct – 22 Nov

Nothing and nobody is going to make things move any faster than they currently are. Although you will want colleagues to work harder and faster, they’ll be resistant to any urging on your part. The best thing to do is to work at your own pace and let them work at theirs.

SAGITTARIUS 23 Nov – 21 Dec

Whilst being fond of someone is one thing, letting your feelings become too intense is quite another. That’s what you need to combat at the moment. Try to keep a measure of common sense and you won’t go far wrong, but give into your impulses and you’ll find yourself in trouble.

CAPRICORN 22 Dec – 20 Jan

You might not realise it, but you can be quite argumentative; you may think that you have concealed your worries, but the tension could be getting to you. The root cause of your mood swings could be anxiety, which needs to be addressed before it affects your health.

AQUARIUS 21 Jan – 19 Feb

Mars is retrograde in Aries and there are bound to be lots of misunderstandings, making even the most innocent comment a minefield of misinformation and crossed purposes. It’ll be difficult to explain yourself clearly, especially when you start to get flashes of psychic awareness.

PISCES 20 Feb – 20 Mar

Money flow will require a lot of effort and you are best advised to take a long range look at your current position and put a strategy into place. Expenses mount and, if you’re not careful, you might be forced to take loans to balance your budget.

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