Healthy summer hacks


Summer is the perfect time to catch up and celebrate the holiday season with friends, family, food and fun. However, often a change in season can derail health and fitness goals without even realising. CW caught up with Tiffiny Hall, founder of online health and fitness program, with her top tips to stay happy and healthy this summer.

Eat the rainbow

Those delicious seasonal veggies that roll around once a year make them so much more appealing! Fill up with fresh summer fruit and veg and get creative in the kitchen by adding stone fruits to yoghurt, berries to salads (blueberries and kale is a delish combo) and mangoes to smoothies!

Ditch the bun

Summer means plenty of barbecues with family and friends so if you want to stay healthy at the soiree; my number one tip is to ditch the white bun. This means you can enjoy yourself and eat more of the meat, seafood and salads without filling up on bread.

Exercise outside

When the sun is shining, don’t feel stuck inside a gym. Instead, take your sweat sesh outside! I design all of my workouts on TIFFXO to be done anywhere, anytime. You don’t even need equipment. Take me to your garden, local park or even the beach.

Zen out in the garden

Because a healthy summer isn’t just about your physical health, your mental health is just as important. Take advantage of the warmer weather and enjoy a little “me time” outside (you won’t want to meditate under a tree when it’s raining in July).

Stay hydrated

No doubt you’ve heard it a million times – stay hydrated in summer! But with good reason – drinking enough water is critical for total body health. It gives you mental alertness, helps you digest food and helps your internal body temperature regulate when it’s sweltering outside.

Slip, slop, slap!

You know UV rays are bad for you, but what you may not realise (or have experienced without thinking about it) is that excess sun exposure can also make you lose your healthy glow. This is because the sun dries your skin of its moisture, making it appear dry and prematurely wrinkled.

Take it slow

What do I do if all I want to do is eat a packet of crisps and sit by the pool all day? I do just that! Maintaining a six-pack over summer is pointless if it’s going to make you unhappy and distract you from time with family and friends. So enjoy taking time to relax occasionally without feeling bad about it. Plus, giving your body a break helps it rebuild muscle and recharge after busy period. Sometimes doing nothing is exactly what the doctor ordered!

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