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Heal the home: how gems and crystals are being used as décor to create good vibes

Rough, glimmering edges, mystical colours, and positive energy; there’s something undeniably magical about crystals. While some believe that crystals and gems have strong energies and spiritual connections, others purely like them for their natural beauty and aesthetic appeal.

While many Australians continue to work and juggle the pressure of modern life from home, the normal feelings of comfort and calm are disappearing, causing emotional stress, mental unease, and physical isolation. According to the founder of Stoned Crystals, Ashley Bellino, using crystals as décor can bring a beautiful, natural vibe to your space that makes it a special place to recharge and regroup.

“We talk about creating a sacred space. When you place crystals in the home, the things that follow tend to be natural, things that inspire you to be calm,” she said.

“They’re Mother Earth’s natural sculptures; as you put a plant in your home why wouldn’t you want to put a crystal in your home?”

Jessica Peris owns The Beautique, a Canberran beauty salon with a twist. As well as offering a range of beauty services, The Beautique stocks a range of ‘mindful retail’ products, including rose quartz bowls and crystal infused mists.

She said that Canberrans are “definitely becoming more conscious of what they are purchasing, who they are supporting, and what they are supporting”.

“It’s really great to see people getting into concepts that are new to them, or that they weren’t necessarily into before, such as holistic self-care and mindfulness.”

According to Ms Peris, incorporating crystals and gems into the home can be beneficial to our emotional state.

“They’re similar to plants, except you don’t have to worry about keeping them alive,” she said.

“Not only do they look beautiful, but crystals are formed in many different ways, and can take years to form. Like everything, they carry an energy, and each crystal has its own unique properties.”

As well has having a connection to the mind, body and soul, crystals can be used for both aesthetic and practical home styling, adding a natural element to the home and promoting the flow of good energy to help rid the body and mind of negativity.

According to Ms Bellino, the trend of using crystals as décor stems not only from their beauty but their connection to mindfulness. She said the latest addition to Stoned Crystals, a smokey quartz named the Ashy Diamond, can help “bring harmony back into the home and distil those residual energies manifested from a year of complete upheaval”.

“Each crystal offers a unique vibrational resonance that depends on its mineral content,” she said.

“I don’t talk about crystals as healing objects, we talk from a mindfulness perspective. Whenever I’m putting one in my home, I’m putting it in a space and I’m thinking of the energy of the crystal and the feng shui of the home … so when you’re in the space it speaks to the energy.”

Interested in including some good vibes into your home? According to Ms Bellino, the easiest way to incorporate crystals into your home is to “get something practical”.

“Platters, bowls, light or lamps are a good place to start if you want to use crystal.”

She suggests using the popular pink, black, clear or monochromic crystals to decorate, while crystals such as Moonstone can bring a beautiful and special glow.

While the choices of geodes, gems and crystals are endless, Ms Peris said when choosing you need to “go with your gut and what you like”.

“People tend to worry about what to choose and ‘what crystal will be best for me right now’. I believe that if you are drawn to it, it’s likely that the crystal’s properties are what you actually need,” she said.

“Some crystals are said to be good for creativity or clarity. These would work best in an office; whereas the popular rose quartz is related to love, so this works well on the bedside table. Most clear crystals are great for cleansing, so work well in a busy or main area of the home.

“As a decorative piece, it will just depend on where you plan on putting it. A tip I have is to keep items grouped in odd numbers. For example, on a shelf you can have a plant, a candle and a crystal in one spot. That’s just something I’ve read that seems to work well and balances objects aesthetically.”

As people become more mindful of what they are purchasing, Ms Bellino said she has “100% noticed the trend” of more people buying crystals and gems to decorate the home during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the last 12 months, 109 customers from the ACT have made over 200 orders to Stoned Crystals.

“They symbolise hope, so when we’re in a dark time, people are looking for something that makes them feel something,” she said.

“More people are willing to see them as things in their home.”

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