Greg Jones announces retirement


The ACT Work Safety Commissioner Greg Jones has announced his retirement from the ACT Public Service, with his replacement to be announced in the coming weeks.

Mr Jones, who has held the position since July 2016, said he is proud of the government’s focus on industrial work, health and safety, as well as the “enhanced awareness of employers of their responsibilities through the Work Health and Safety Act”.

“As a result of our active engagement with all stakeholders and our enforcement activities, more workers returned home safely, and I am pleased to have led this important work. WorkSafe has a strong and experienced investigation team which focuses on professionally gathering evidence to ensure successful regulatory action is achieved,” he said.

WorkSafe ACT recently undertook a blitz of residential construction sites, after two onsite deaths in as many months earlier this year, which saw a number of notices issued due to safety concerns.

ACT Minister for Workplace Safety Suzanne Orr thanked Mr Greg Jones for his work and service “to improve the health and safety of all working people across the ACT”.

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