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Garage makeovers: 3 ways to optimise space at home

With more people staying at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, garage door automation manufacturer, Chamberlain, has seen a recent trend of clever garage makeovers across the country to optimise usable space at home.

When it comes to the humble garage, it’s usually either home to your car or a storage area for all those things you’ve been planning to sort, donate or toss but haven’t found the time. Now, however, garages are finding new purposes – from mini-gyms to home offices or studies and even kid-friendly playrooms.

Here are 3 simple ways you can update your garage to help meet your needs.

Stay strong

With hand weights and dumbbells now on the ‘hard to buy’ list, Aussies are filling up durable water bottles with water or sand which make for some great homemade hand weights or dumbbells.

The garage is the perfect place for these types of workouts as they have enough open space and can be easily cleaned in case of sweat or spills – all that’s needed now is a yoga mat and a Spotify play list.

Work it

With remote workers cringing at the thought of trying to find a quiet corner of the house for all the team video chats and client teleconferences, parents are finding respite in their garages.

Clearing a space in the garage for a desk, an ergonomic chair, and trusty laptop is a great start. Once you’ve got the basics, you can extend your focus to more creative components such as wall hangings, flooring to help with acoustics, indoor plants, inspirational messages, mission statements and more.

Kids’ zone

Creating a dedicated play space is beneficial to little ones and their parents while all under the same roof. Before you start thinking of big ideas to transform the space, make sure it’s safe first by removing any hazards such as chemicals and tools.

Once the space has been cleaned and is safe, let your imagination run wild! Think a corner reading nook with a bookshelf, some comfy bean bag chairs, or an arts and crafts corner with a chalkboard wall for drawing. Some parents are even setting up a home cinema with a projector and using the garage door as a backdrop. Making clever use of the garage gives kids a dedicated place to play and gives weary parents and the main areas of the house a bit of a break.

SAFETY TIP: Make sure your kids know that the garage door is not a toy. Let them know that they need to keep well away from a moving door, never run under it and to keep all toys and play equipment at a safe distance. Keep wall mounted buttons and remote controls for the garage door opener out of reach of children.

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