From the editor: We’re all in this together


As if I needed a nudge, some lessons I’m taking from the continuing COVID-19 pandemic are to find joy in each day and to not take things for granted. One never knows when circumstances – personal, local, national and/or global – will change beyond one’s control.

Some readers have decried our lack of social photos lately. Please remember, basically all social events have been cancelled due to pandemic control measures. We welcome selfies of readers participating in virtual events; email them to [email protected]

And to those readers who are missing your free TV guide inside your free Canberra Weekly magazine, please know it is very minor collateral damage in the global economic downturn caused by COVID-19. Over the previous 11 years, its production has come at significant expense to our family business, both to purchase from our supplier (no, it isn’t compiled in-house) and in printing (four pages times 43,000 copies, 50 weeks a year, 11+ years). We decided to let go of the guide so we can continue printing our community magazine and put the savings towards keeping as many of our team employed as possible. I trust you understand, and perhaps even empathise. I know our fellow small business friends adversely impacted by this pandemic do.

While we’re “all in this together”, some are in much deeper than others – especially our front-line health workers and those in essential industries. Virtual pat on the back. #staysafe #stayhome

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