From the editor: Welcome rainy weather


What a difference a week makes. From record high February temperatures one sweltering, tinder dry (the adjective, not the dating app) weekend to the welcome relief of remarkably cooler, rainy weather the next, it’s been a rollercoaster of a summer.

Canberra Weekly editor Julie Samaras

Speaking as a former farmer’s daughter, there’s nothing quite like the patter of rain on the roof, especially after a long, hot, dry spell (this year infamously punctuated by a destructive hailstorm) – and that delicious, earthy aroma of petrichor as raindrops quench the parched earth. Bliss! Thankfully, local authorities have put in place measures to reduce runoff of bushfire ash and sediment into the ACT water supply catchments. Read the story on page 12.

Meanwhile, our hearts go out to neighbouring communities on the NSW South Coast who have lurched from devastating bushfires to disastrous floods. As the Chaser team quipped earlier this week: “Celebration as natural disaster averted by slightly less horrific natural disaster”.

I’m confident that as soon as it’s safe to do so, many Canberrans will head for the coast to provide a much-needed economic boost to the region, as well as a welcome seaside break for us land-locked Territorians.

Reasons to be grateful this week include the heroic efforts of firefighters, emergency responders and their support crews, and soul-stirring concerts by the Australian Chamber Orchestra and Australian String Quartet.