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Thursday, May 13, 2021
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From the editor: Plastic Free July

This month is Plastic Free July; if only it were also Covid-free. Sigh.

In recent years, I’ve taken steps to reduce the volume of single-use plastics in my life, eschewing barrier bags while grocery shopping, lugging along reusable shopping totes (one of which is 25 years old) and storing leftovers in reusable wraps/containers. When possible, I refill containers at the local bulk foods store, make my own almond milk, and choose ‘naked’ (unpackaged) products or those in recyclable containers over those in single-use plastic packaging.

Pandemic restrictions have made things a little more challenging, with disposable plastics often offered as the most hygienic option. Still, I continue to play my part, hoping it makes a difference and does more than just ease my conscience. Inside this edition, you’ll find my colleague Libby’s ‘Take 5’ interview with Plastic Free July founder Rebecca Prince-Ruiz (page 18) and tips for reducing single-use plastics in the bathroom (page 30).

Reasons to be grateful this past week include quiet nights watching quality television and reading good books, sitting cosily with Mum’s hand-crocheted throw rug over my lap, a coffee catch-up with a coastal friend, the unveiling of sculptures by local artist Delene White at Tallagandra Hill to launch their We Love Local Festival, and all those continuing to work hard to keep our community safe in these extraordinary times. Take care, Julie Samaras.

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