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Sunday, May 16, 2021

From the editor: Living that iso life

For many of us, iso life is a whole different ballgame to our existence pre-pandemic. How are you finding it? Several local photographers are taking the opportunity to document iso life in Canberra.

Fortunately for me, my kids are in their 20s, and have not (yet) spawned offspring of their own, so we don’t have to contend with the challenges of home schooling. Which, I’m told, has its ups and downs.

Not a big bread eater, I’m not on board the sourdough #isobaking trend, but have been doing more #isocooking – experimenting with new dishes to navigate temporary shortages and use up panty staples and garden produce.

An unexpected advantage of #isolife is the many hours I once spent attending events and live performances are now spent in nature, pottering in the garden, longer walks, as well as reading and watching ‘interesting’ TV programs.

A number of our team are working remotely and/or reduced hours. While our magazine is smaller (including no TV guide due to less advertising), we’ve ramped up our website to include lots of additional content.

In Canberra, while we’re doing an extraordinary job to contain the spread of the coronavirus, our condolences go to the loved ones of the three people who have died from COVID-19 in Canberra (as at 28 April). We cannot be complacent.

Thanks for keeping up the great work.

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