From the editor: Just checking in


Hello dear readers. Just checking in to see how you’re doing as this pandemic and associated restrictions continue, locally and globally. With the surreal year we’ve been having, it’s even more important than usual that we nurture our kindness tendencies and take good care of ourselves and one another.

As the saying goes “we’re all in this together”, but some are in much deeper than others and many are finding the going tough. Some are rising to the challenge, discovering they’re able to ‘pivot’ (word of the month) deftly, and others are even relishing it, finding that business is booming. Or we might have loads more ‘me time’ we can dedicate to self-improvement, pursuing hobbies, developing new interests or simply navel gazing. All good stuff, as long as we maintain physical distancing and exceptional hygiene habits – for our own and the greater good.

Recently, I came upon this quote that especially resonated with me during these challenging times:

“Be patient where you sit in the dark. The dawn is coming.” – Rumi.

Reasons to be grateful this week include live music at Tallagandra Hill Winery, dining with friends around the fireplace, being cosy indoors while the wind rages outside, our regular three-minute exercise sessions at the office, and quiet nights in with a good book, quality TV, some Rumi poetry or my journal. Take care.

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