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Saturday, May 15, 2021

From the editor: Easter isolation

Greetings dear readers, how did you go over the isolation Easter long weekend 2020?

For 10 of the previous 11 Easters, I had frequented the National Folk Festival at EPIC, and usually enjoyed celebrations with the extended family, while this year’s plans to visit friends at Pambula were shelved a few weeks back.

So, while this was an Easter break like no other, isolation has its advantages. We had a couple of cosy dinners in, watching the telly, and perambulated around the neighbourhood in glorious autumn sunshine. Cooked some new recipes, chatted on the phone with family who live interstate, devoured some books and magazines, and pottered in the garden, which presented an ideal opportunity to meet the new neighbours, who were also working in their front garden – social distancing all the while. The occasional relaxing cuppa on the back deck turned into spontaneous bird watching episodes as king parrots, crimson and Eastern rosellas, gang-gangs, galahs and sulphur-crested cockatoos visited the yard.

As a friend shared on her Facebook page: “Just think about it. How privileged we are that during a global pandemic we can just stay at home comfortably reading, working, watching TV, listening to music and with a fridge stocked with food. Do remind yourself to be grateful today.”

I am grateful for all that and more, especially for all those doing their best to contain the pandemic. Take care.

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