From the editor: Covid-19 spreading

Canberra Weekly editor Julie Samaras

As corona virus Covid-19 continues to spread, people around the globe – from Australia, Brazil, Canada and China to Indonesia, Iran, Italy and South Korea – have been hunkering down. In some countries, business and industry has largely ground to a halt while schools, universities and major tourist attractions have been closed.

Many with travel plans – here and abroad – have changed, curtailed or cancelled them; the upside being there are plenty of holiday bargains to be found, for those prepared to take the risk.

The World Health Organization has released advice on the best protective measures to take, such as: wash your hands frequently; maintain social distancing (handshakes optional); avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth; practise respiratory hygiene; if you have fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical care early. Visit for more.

Reasons to be grateful this past week include pleasant weather and excellent air quality that enabled us to enjoy summer’s last hurrah, a fun night aboard HMS Pinafore at The Q, hilarity at Spamalot at The Playhouse, an enchanting opening night of Enlighten and the Night Noodle Markets being looked after at the Fever-Tree Ultimate G&T Bar, delightful dinner with friends, brisk Sunday morning walk, meeting a friend’s new baby, and brazil nuts (their selenium content offers health benefits). Stay safe, dear readers.

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