From the editor: Active neighbourhoods


Is it just me, or have you noticed many more folk, particularly families, out walking, cycling, riding scooters in your neighbourhood lately? Clearly, it’s not just me, as the ACT Government has been installing ‘slow down’ corflute signs in select suburbs to help make our streets safer (read the story on page 8). I’m taking extra care since young children took to cycling almost daily in our cul-de-sac. If there are any upsides to the virus crisis, more active neighbourhoods is one.

On recent walks in my suburb, the breathtaking beauty Mother Nature puts on display has halted me in my tracks several times. A showstopping cluster of fist-sized mustard-yellow fungi fighting for space at the base of a giant gum. The setting sun momentarily transforming a little grey cloud into a glowing rose-gold vision against the fading blue sky. A band of lilac haze on the horizon as the sky at dusk transitions through shades of cerulean until the colours seep away into darkness. A pair of magpies zipping and darting overhead like fighter jets in pursuit of a lone currawong. Red grevillea flowers vibrant against an azure sky. Bliss.

Things to be grateful for this past week include the beauty of nature on our doorsteps and the devotion and fortitude of my nieces and parents tending to my seriously ill brother in Queensland. Take care.

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