From the editor: A strange summer

Julie Samaras photo
Canberra Weekly Editor Julie Samaras

Catching up with a friend over lunch, we were reflecting on what a strange summer this one has turned out to be. Staying indoors far more than usual this time of year as the bushfire ‘smokewave’ blankets the city in a greyish haze day after day, it feels a bit like a Canberra winter, when you might take refuge indoors from the fog, frost or biting cold, rather than smoke haze.

Like me, they had packed a bag just in case they had to leave due to a bushfire emergency, a process that forces you to consider what’s really important to you. The Red Cross [] advises to pack: an overnight bag with change of clothes and toiletries; medicines and first aid kit; important information such as passport, will, photos and jewellery; mobile phone and charger; water; wool blankets, contact information for your doctor, local government and utilities. I also packed heirloom china from my late grandmothers, a rug my mother crocheted for me, a vintage gown, two silk garments by my favourite designers, and my late grandfather’s painting. What’s precious to you?

Reasons to be grateful this past week include widespread rainfall, lunch and dinner catch-ups with friends, blueberry cashew cheesecake, and our stellar CW team managing the workload and deadline day while I’m on leave. Thanks crew.

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