Francis Owusu: My favorite things

Francis Owusu My Favourite Things
Photo: Kerrie Brewer

CEO Kulture Break and 2013 Australian of the Year Awards ACT Local Hero

Francis Owusu is an outrageously big dreamer, with an authentic passion to empower the lives of people he connects with through voice and movement. After struggling in his youth with his identity and self-esteem, and an early life of crime, Francis’s life had a dramatic change when he came to the realisation that he didn’t need to become someone, he was someone! His personal discovery became the catalyst to helping others. Since then, Francis founded the successful social enterprise Kulture Break in 2002. As a well-known coach, mentor and leading communicator in cultural change, in 16 years Francis has helped to empower over 500,000 people across Australia and around the world. In 2013, Francis was recognised for his unique way of helping individuals to reach their potential by being named ACT Local Hero. He enjoys the Canberra life and see’s it potential to become of the world’s most vibrant cities.

My family

They are the most important people in my life. They bring me incredible joy and support me to do what I do in the community. Who I am is also important to me as a person from a culturally diverse background; I’m very proud to an Australian with Ghanaian heritage.

Public speaking

Amazingly, this is something that I used to be so afraid of, but when I realised that I could use my personal stories and other people’s in a positive way, I’ve grown to love it.

Finding quiet time

In our fast-paced world of technology and social media, I really value spending time alone to meditate, pray and reflect on my life. I like getting away for quiet retreats in the bush and being surrounded by nature.

Empowering others

Helping to make other people’s lives better is my passion. For me, it’s been through the arts, leadership and business development and mentoring. I believe one’s life should be measured not on what they received, but what they gave. We all should work towards making this world a better place.

Good food

I love food! Some of my favourite meals are Ghanaian food including jollof rice and chicken. I have to add in Thai and Indian food as well. For dessert, I can’t go past Goodberry’s – the chocolate concrete with Maltesers, Violet Crumble and cashew nuts. Yum!

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