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Five fun ways to spend Earth Hour

On Saturday 27 March at 8.30pm, switch off your lights and switch your focus to the planet for Earth Hour.

Originating in Sydney in 2007, Earth Hour has become a global movement for change as millions turn off their lights for 60 minutes to show commitment to the planet future. As the hour of no power approaches, why not plan some fun, sustainable activities to do in the dark.

Need some help? Here are five fun ways to spend time in the dark with the ones you love.

Have a candlelit dinner

As the lights turn off, grab some eco-friendly candles, and turn it into a romantic evening with your significant other. To add a touch of bohemian romance, why not set up a picnic in the backyard to watch the stars and take advantage of the darkness. To add an extra challenge, eat a plant-based meal or try a zero-waste cookout!

Go stargazing

Look up and marvel as the world goes dark; Earth Hour is the perfect time to go stargazing. Research some constellations, grab your friends or loved ones and head to a dark, open spot to see the Milky Way come to life above you.

Play games

Hide and seek is always fun but why not make it harder and play in the dark? Grab the kids and hide around the house. For an extra thrill, grab some battery-operated torches or light some sutainable candles to create a shadow puppet show. If all else fails, an indoor scavenger huntis sure to be a hit!

Tell stories

For the brave at heart, the hour of no power is the perfect time to tell spooky stories guaranteed to give you chills. Candles and torches will only add to the creepy atmosphere and for some extra fun, why not see who can make the scariest face as well?

Dance the night away with a silent disco

No need to feel embarrassed about your dance moves if you’re in the dark. Put on a pair of headphones and dance along to your favourite music or take it up a level and battle it out with your friends or family in a silence disco. The first person to laugh is out!

Have more suggestions for fun things to do during Earth Hour? Let us know in the comments below.

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