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As the chalk dust settles on another Australian Open, how do we get in shape to play this popular game where “love means nothing”? My good friend Nelson Parker of Get Set Tennis serves up some ace tips to get you started:

Hand-eye coordination: Toss a tennis ball (left and right hands) into brick wall and catch it on the rebound

Racquet control: As an extension of your hand/arm, develop control over how the racquet hits the ball

Footwork: Getting your feet in the right position to address the ball

Track your body to the ball: Moving your body so you’re in the optimal position to hit the ball

Use your whole body: This generates more power than just your shoulders and arms

Anticipation: Working on your reactiveness for the next shot


Warm-up: 3 min jog around the court

Squat Jumps X 5: feet shoulder-width apart, ensure your feet leave the ground

Push-ups X 5: hands either side of your chest, body in prone position, you can do on your knees

Split lunges X 5: step forward and back, alternate steps

Side step shuttle runs X 5: place a tennis ball at 2, 4 and 6m; side step to 2m then back. Repeat to the 4m and 6m.

Overhead shadow smash X 3: using the same 2, 4 and 6m markers, jog backwards to 2m, complete the smash action and jog forward. Repeat to the 4m and 6m.

To view the complete workout on YouTube, head to @getsettennis– Tennis warm up with B.Firm and Lee Campbell.

Stay hydrated and sun smart in the heat.

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