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Fabulous floors

Floors make up one of the largest expanses of space in a home, so it’s important to choose the right flooring for your living situation and care for it properly.

According to Carpet Court ambassador Darren Palmer, the choice of flooring when decorating will set the tone for the rest of your furnishings.

With a vast amount of flooring options available, Darren shares some simple tips to help you find the ideal floor for your style, budget and home set-up:

Family friendly: If you have children or pets, a level loop-pile carpet in a mid-tone neutral with some flecks of colour will be the most hardwearing and forgiving.

Fibre smarts: Wool carpet has a luxurious, natural appeal, but solution-dyed nylon is a great choice if you’re looking for a soft carpet with superior fade and stain-resistance for a sunny room or a home with kids.

Grab a sample: Carpet and hard flooring colours will look different from the showroom once you get them home. To work out whether a colour or timber finish is right for your interior, take a sample home and look at it at different times of day and under various light conditions.

Consider your options: Love the look of timber but want something low-maintenance and more affordable? Why not consider timber-look vinyl planks or laminate, which give you the appearance of real wood for less and can often be used in wet rooms such as bathrooms and laundries.

The touch test: To assess how soft a carpet will feel underfoot, don’t just feel it with your hands – slip off your shoes and walk on it.

Carpet care

Carpet continues to be a popular flooring option throughout the home in Australia, for the warmth, texture and cosiness it affords a room. To keep your carpet looking in tip-top shape, Kennards Hire offers the following advice: Blot don’t wipe.

When you do come across a fresh stain, use a clean, absorbent cloth and blot from the outside in. Whatever you do, don’t wipe and smear the stain around – this will only create excess work, which you certainly don’t want added to the clean-up list!

Pro carpet drying tip: For small spots, cover the damp area with layers of paper towel or a thick cloth and weigh it down with a heavy object to soak all the remaining moisture quickly.

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