elderly man upward of 50 exercising on track

As we age, some people think we should stop, slow down or “leave it for the young ones”. But I’m here to tell you: don’t stop! Keep going, keep moving, keep improving, and keep exercising.

Of course, there are things I did in my 20s that I cannot do now – landing hurts a lot more when you are older! And, I don’t really want to do the same things I did back then.

The body, of course, does change over time and so does our understanding of when to push harder, or to pull back and do a little less.

It’s important to draw on our experiences to understand our bodies better. What we don’t want to do when exercising is push too hard and get an injury – we just want to keep feeling and looking great.

Things to know

  • Warming up is 10 minutes well spent.
  • Weight training is great for maintaining and building a little bit of muscle. It can also help with bone density and strengthening your joints.
  • Have a rest day after a day of weight training.
  • Cardio is great for helping with weight control and heart health. You do not need to run a marathon, but jogging is a great way to keep fit. Usually, a little bit of impact on the body is okay.
  • Stretching is a really good way to break up your session. Part-way through your session, after you are warmed up, try 10 minutes of stretching. This can give the body a chance to recharge, so you can get back into it.
  • Body-weight exercises work really well, too, and you can work the whole body in one session.
  • Every exercising session, take 10 minutes to work on your core. This will help with your posture and balance.
  • Boxing is a great way to combine cardio and strength training – and it can work wonders for stress management!
  • Stick to a routine – it will keep you focused.

More fitness:

Circuit workout

  1. 10 minutes warm-up
  2. 20 x bench press (bar only)
  3. 20 x cable bicep curls (10kg)
  4. 20 x tricep push-downs (10kg)
  5. 20 x seated row (20kg)
  6. Circuit workout – repeat three times, with one minute rest in between each round: 20 x leg press (20kg); 20 x squats, holding dumbbells (5kg each hand); 20 x step-ups each leg; 3 minutes jogging
  7. 5 minutes stretching