Erica Mallett: My favourite things

Erica Mallett portrait for My Favourite Things
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I’m Erica! I wear a couple hats: I work on Triple J Breakfast as part of a duo called Sally and Erica. Sally and I also make hip hop together under Coda Conduct. When I’m not radio-ing or music-ing, I’m hanging with my housemates and friends, trying to think of things to cook other than tofu green curry, going to gigs, exercising and watching (probably bad) TV. I wear my socks inside out because they’re more comfortable that way (try it) and once I dislocated my jaw from yawning. I only just started full time on Triple J this year – before that, Sally and I did Weekend Arvos. Breakfast radio is a very different vibe! But I’m having heaps of fun with it. It’s cool being able to focus a lot of my energy on something I really care about!


Erica Mallett my favourite things the NSW south coast

I’ve been going to the South Coast with my family since I was really little! I’ve got such good memories of it. Whenever I go now, it’s usually with family, friends, or just to relax – so I associate it with feeling laid back and content.


Erica Mallett my favourite things old fashioned

I don’t know why I like this cocktail so much, I can’t explain it, but it’s my favourite drink! Somethin’ ‘bout that glacé cherry too …


Erica Mallett my favourite things berries

I’ve been spoilt all my life with berries. My granddad’s garden has raspberries, boysenberries, blueberries, mulberries and cherries. As a kid, I was known to eat berries till I felt sick. Not much has changed.


Erica Mallett my favourite things brothers family

We all live in different cities but when we get to spend time together it’s hilarious. We share a very weird sense of humour and I always feel funnier after a couple days hanging out with them. They keep me sharp! My mum (not pictured) also cracks me up.


Erica Mallett my favourite things exercising

It is an instant mood fix for me! If I’m feeling really grumpy, I can’t really shake it unless I get out there and physically shake it, you know? I’m going to try to run another half marathon this year!

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