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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Emma Davidson won’t leave anyone behind

New ACT Greens MLA for Murrumbidgee Emma Davidson has a long list of ambitions for her time in the Legislative Assembly and now the election is over, she is excited to get going.

After a long history of helping progressive women get elected, including a support candidate role for Caroline Le Couteur in 2016, it’s Emma’s time now.

As a community sector advocate, Emma has long had a seat at the table. And whether pushing for affordable housing or better access to healthcare, Emma said she spent a noticeable amount of time convincing politicians there was actually a problem.  

In contrast, Emma said she found the Greens party came to a meeting already knowledgeable of the problem, with an understanding of the solution and were prepared to sit down and grind out a practical plan for getting it done.

It was this collaborative, team-based approach that helped Emma find her natural political home with the Greens.

It’s also the approach she plans on bringing to the Assembly.

Originally from regional NSW, Emma gave both Melbourne and Sydney a go, but Canberra is her city.

Her love of Canberra helps her see the nations capital it for what it is, which is a place that can be tough for people on low incomes or who require specialised government resources like domestic violence.

She is determined to make sure the ACT Government leaves no one behind.

The long-time volunteer temporarily left her campaign in March for a trip to New York where she supported an Indigenous group attending a conference dealing with the violence First Nations people face.

Upon returning she spent her quarantine figuring out a plan for mutual aid groups in her local area, including a new food pantry.

While working there, Emma was able to physically see people donate food and take the donations. 

The pantry’s high usage reinforced to her how big the problem truly was and with typical attitude she sat down and worked out how it should be addressed.

For all her drive, intellect, and community devotion, sometimes Emma is just a girl on roller skates.

As excited as she is by her new job, she has had to give up roller derby training, but she’s happy for the sacrifice.

This profile on ACT Greens MLA Emma Davidson is part of a series Canberra Weekly is running on all of the ACT’s newly elected MLAs following the 2020 ACT election.

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