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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Don’t ‘waist’ time: summer abs

Spring is nearly here, and that means summer is only a few months away! So, if you want to tone up and get that flat tummy, it’s time start working!

I know it’s hard to find big chunks of time to work out, but if you can find just 10 minutes twice a day to work on your abs and posture, you will be stronger and standing taller before you know it! And you’ll be a step ahead of everyone else before summer arrives.

Even just sitting up straight at your desk will help your core/abs and, in turn, your posture. Be aware and conscious of how you sit for long periods of time; it’s very easy to slump forward and roll your shoulders, and this can cause issues for your back, shoulders, neck and hips.

To help with your posture when sitting down for long periods try this: Sit up straight and lift your rib cage with a full breath in; Press your back flat against the back of the chair; Let your breath out slowly for a count of 3-5 seconds; and be mindful that your shoulders are not slumped forward. Try this for five minutes and see how your posture has changed!

Workout: posture and abs

  • Warm up: 5 mins jogging or skipping
  • 20 x back rolls: Lying on your back, lift your knees to your chest and place your hands out to the side, palms flat on the ground. Keeping your shoulders flat to the ground, roll your knees from left to right. 
  • 20 x alternate twists (seated): While seated, put your feet together and raise them off the floor. Leaning back slightly, rotate your trunk from left to right.

Make it harder: Use a med ball

Make it easier: Keep your feet on the ground

  • 20 x straight leg raise: Lying on your back, place your hands flat on the ground by your side. Raise both legs from the ground up to 90 degrees, and lower back down to the count of 3-5.
  • 1 min plank: Lie face down and elevate your body weight onto your elbows and toes, keeping your elbows under your shoulders, and hold!  
  • 20 x standing twist: Stand feet shoulder-width apart and bend your knees slightly. Place a broomstick over your shoulders with your hands holding on, and twist left to right.  
  • 20 x hanging knee raise: Hang with your arms straight and your feet off the ground. Raise your knees to hip height and lower back down.

With Lee Campbell, Bfirm.

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