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Dodgy driving over Anzac long weekend leaves police ‘dismayed’

The Anzac Day long weekend left ACT Policing “dismayed” by some of the driving they witnessed, with several motorists set to lose their licences for speeding and drink driving offences.

Despite the driving observed being reportedly “good” overall, police detected eight drug drivers, two drink drivers and 50 drivers speeding, including 10 at more than 30 km/h over the speed limit, over the four days while double demerits were in effect (23-26 April).

One of the first high-range speeding drivers picked up was a 17-year-old provisional licence holder driving at 136km/h in a 100km/h zone on the Majura Parkway at 11.13pm on Saturday 24 April.

When an ACT Road Policing officer stopped the driver, a licence check revealed she had only been issued her licence in February 2021. As a provisional licence holder, this incident will see her lose her licence.

ACT Road Policing Acting Sergeant Andrew McKellar said the generally obedient and sensible driving observed over the Anzac long weekend was undermined by a few drivers doing the wrong thing.

“Most drivers, on their P-plates or otherwise, do the right thing, but if you know someone who speeds or chooses to drive while under the influence, speak to them about it. The life that conversation might save could be yours,” he said.

Other noteworthy instances of unsafe driving ACT police have highlighted include a 32-year-old man holding a probationary licence clocked travelling at 150km/h along Kaleen’s Baldwin Drive – 90km/h over the posted 60km/h limit – just after midday on 26 April.

This driver had regained his licence in March 2021, having served a 6-month disqualification for drink-driving.

A 19-year-old man on a provisional licence detected driving at 138km/h in the 80km/h zone on Adelaide Avenue at about 9.30pm Monday 26 April.

The speeding drivers will both be fined $1,841 and will each accrue 12 demerit points, meaning they will both lose their licences for a minimum three-month period.

On Sunday night, a 29-year-old woman registered a blood alcohol content of 0.228, more than four and a half times the legal 0.05 limit.

This driver was detected by police after she was observed driving on Jim Pike Avenue, Gordon with no headlights. She will face court by summons on 22 July.

“It’s a handful of drivers, but these readings almost defy belief,” Sergeant McKellar said.

“There’s no way this behaviour can be accidental, it’s deliberate, and could almost be described as wilfully dangerous.”

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