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Monday, April 12, 2021

Do try this at home: DIY floral Easter wreath

For an Easter twist on the classic floral wreath, Early Settler have collaborated with DIY queen Hayley Little [@mumlittleloves] to create this vibrant design – a seasonal adaptation of the popular Christmas wreath she designed last year.

Wreaths are a fantastic option when it comes to versatile decorations. Simply opt for a basic wreath base that you can easily adapt for almost any occasion through the addition of ribbon, faux flowers or greenery, baubles, or wherever inspiration takes you. This wreath can take pride of place in your home or why not display it on your front door or in a window so passers-by can enjoy it, too.

Here’s how you do it:

Start with two wreaths; they don’t have to be matching. This project used the Acacia Princess Protea wreaths from Early Settler.

Tie your wreaths together with ribbon, string or rope.

Craft the ears with a piece of fabric, felt, cardboard or any other textile you can forage from your home.

Fold your textile in half lengthwise. Draw on your ears. Just freehand until you are happy with the shape. They don’t need to be perfect. Just make sure they are big enough for your wreath size.

Add sticky putty (blue tac) to the back of your ears, ready to affix to your wall or window. Attach them just above your wreath so the bottom of your ears is hidden by your wreath.

To make the bow, divide your felt into three pieces.

Now for the bow. Divide your felt into three pieces (see picture). Cut triangles out of your pieces. The two large pieces will make the bow while the small piece will tie them together. Gather your two larger pieces together and tie them with the smaller piece. Turn your bow over and play with it until you are happy with the shape.

Attach it with a small piece of ribbon or more sticky putty. Ta dah!

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