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DIY face masks

Masks are handy when social distancing isn’t possible, but they don’t have to boring. With endless options for fabric, you can make a mask suitable for any occasion.

Tools and materials

0.5m of 3mm-6mm wide elastic

2 pieces of tightly-woven cotton fabric 19.5cm x 19cm

Tutorial: www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5Vb20fLX-Y


Cut two pieces of elastic each measuring 18cm long.

On outside, pin ends of elastic to one face cover section, centering at large circles. Baste.

Pin face cover sections together. Stitch outer edges in a 6mm seam, leaving an opening.

Turn cover right side out, sew opening. Stitch close to finished edges.

To make pleats, on outside, fold along solid lines through all thicknesses. Bring folds to broken lines. Baste 1.3cm from finished edges.

On outside, stitch along basting. Stitch again 3mm away from first stitching.

Pro tip: Spotlight’s dedicated ​Crafts for a Cause​ hub provides an online space for like-minded sewers to share tips and advice.

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