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Friday, May 14, 2021

Disadvantaged families need educational assistance

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Variety – the Children’s Charity has experienced a 460% increase in demand for educational assistance from disadvantaged families, particularly for children in need of technology devices to continue their education.

Despite schools re-opening, many children living in poverty are still facing immense pressure to keep up their education due to not having the equipment they need. In addition, children with special needs and who are immune deficient are unable to return to school and need to continue learning remotely in order to stay safe.

To help kids in need access equipment such as laptops in order to keep up with school work, Variety has launched a Tax Appeal for donations to urgently meet the demand for assistance.

Those wishing to assist can donate to the Variety 2020 Tax Appeal which goes directly towards providing a laptop package to a disadvantaged child as early as next week.

Variety – the Children’s Charity NSW/ACT CEO, David Sexton, said more than one in six children are struggling in households experiencing severe financial stress, which has a long-term effect on learning outcomes.

“The demand has increased to such an extent that we’ve seen a significant increase in requests for support.  However, with our current capacity, we’re only able to meet a small percentage of this need– we need donations to help support many more families in need,” said Mr Sexton.

“People who’ve lost their jobs don’t have the money to buy kids essential learning equipment like laptops. It’s these families, those already financially challenged, who need our help to ensure their kids don’t fall even further behind.

“This is an ongoing and long-term problem; we need to help kids experiencing financial disadvantage as well as those who are immune-compromised, to get their education.

“These kids need the help of fellow Australians – your donation could get a child the education they deserve.”

Funds raised will help Variety’s Tech 4 School grant program, which provides a technology pack to students facing financial hardship.

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