Delightfully distressed

This sideboard has been transformed using Dulux Duramax Chalky Finish Paint, and distressed with a fine to medium sandpaper. Photos: Dulux Australia.

Transport your home to the seaside with this step-by-step guide to give a plain sideboard or vase a coastal makeover from Dulux.


  • Dulux Duramax Chalky Finish in Classic Duck Egg
  • Drop sheet or newspaper
  • Cloth
  • Painter’s tape (optional)
  • Sandpaper (optional)
  • Lazy Susan (optional)
  • Safety glasses or goggles


Step 1 – surface preparation
Choose a well-ventilated area. Place a drop sheet or newspaper on the floor or work surface to protect it from overspray. Put on safety glasses and gloves. Using painter’s tape, mask off any areas of the vase or sideboard that you don’t want painted. Wipe down the surface with a damp cloth, making sure it is clean and free from grease, rust and dirt. Ensure the surface is completely dry before painting.

step 2

Step 2 – application
Place smaller objects, such as a vase, on a Lazy Susan so you can spray all sides without touching your paintwork. Shake can for at least 3 minutes before and during use for ease of application. Spray several light mist coats of Dulux Duramax Chalky Finish onto surface. Hold can upright 15-25cm from the surface, and spray with smooth, even strokes parallel to the surface. Object is touch-dry in 10 minutes. Tip: Prime the surface before painting for superior paint adhesion and a smoother finish.

Step 3 – create a distressed finish (optional)
For a distressed look, wait 2 hours after painting and then sand or distress with fine to medium sandpaper. For a two-colour distressed look, apply two coats of two different Dulux Duramax Chalky Finish colours, wait 24 hours, then sand or distress with a fine to medium sandpaper.

step 4

Step 4 – clean up
Clean up overspray while it is still wet with mineral turps. Spray unwanted paint onto newspaper and allow to dry. Check with your local government or council about responsible paint disposal.

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