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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Community sport groups call on potential ACT government

The Coalition of Major Participation Sports ACT (COMPS ACT) are calling on ACT’s aspiring candidates to see the value of community sport in the lead up to the October election.

Comprised of nine sporting organisations in the Territory, the group have highlighted four key issues it would like addressed within community sporting in the ACT.

COMPS ACT Deputy Chair Kim Kachel said the four identified issues, listed as improved infrastructure, COVID-19 recovery, valuing community sport and establishing a representative body, were agreed on by all nine sporting groups.

“No doubt these are issues that have been on the agenda for a little while, except for COVID-19 recovery which is very specific, I would say they have all been heightened by the pandemic,” he said.

“These are rather broad issues and there is a collective approach across the group – we meet quite regularly, and these were issues that kept coming up.”

COMPS ACT is comprised of representatives from AFL ACT; Basketball ACT; Brumbies Rugby; Canberra Region Rugby League; Capital Football; Cricket ACT; Hockey ACT; Netball ACT; and Tennis ACT.

The collective average participation across the nine community sports in the ACT was at 94,662 during 2016 to 2019.

Local statistics also show 62.5% of Canberrans between 5 and 14-years-old participate in organised sport in comparison to 56.5% nationally.

Mr Kachel said the organisation was keen to work with the prospective ACT Government to continue to show the importance of these sporting groups to community wellbeing.

“COMPS ACT has always been ready and willing to contribute and collaborate with the ACT Government and sport and recreation, so we thought it was important putting together this election framework,” he said.

“The ACTIVE 2020 Strategic Plan is about to finish up, so I guess it’s about what’s after that plan. The government will have some thoughts around that, and we want to help map that out.”

Cricket ACT CEO James Allsopp said Canberrans can be actively involved by communicating with local candidates about their policies.

“COMPS ACT is engaging with election candidates to discuss how each party is planning to best support and invest in the recovery and ongoing sustainability of our local community sport and recreation bodies and move towards a healthy and active future,” he said.

‘’Canberrans should also be asking their local candidates what their parties will be doing to support sport and the cohesion in their communities.”

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