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Colouring in

There’s nothing dull about this year’s autumn trends, so we’re bringing you some tips on building a wardrobe full of colour and style.

How to wear colour

The colours you select to wear are a reflection of who you are and they direct your style. The only time you should be worried about a colour is if it draws life from your face, which will age you. We all need to be mindful of this. The way to know is to hold the colour up next to your face in front of the mirror. Assess how the colour looks next to your complexion. Does it draw life from your face, or does it throw life onto your face? If you love the colour, find a way to make it work for you and wear it.

Greys, neutrals and pale greens – this insipid palette is often guilty of drawing life. These colours don’t need to be avoided, just livened up by:

  • Wearing it away from the face, e.g. as footwear, as a bag, as a pant, as a nail colour, etc.; or
  • Breaking the colour with another colour next to the face. You can do this by adding a layer over the top of the item, e.g. scarf, shorter necklace, earrings, a jacket or even simply a strong lip colour will work.

Always be present with colour. Try not to rule out colours before you think about how your physical status could change when you are intending to wear it. I have a cocktail dress that I cannot wear without a spray tan and a vibrant lip.

Selecting colours to wear

Select your colours depending on the statement you would like to make, such as:

  • Bold and striking
  • Soft and delicate
  • Rich and exotic
  • Deep and intense
  • Sharp and defined
  • Cool and calming
  • Warm and sunburnt
  • Dramatic and outrageous
  • Timeless and classic
  • Bright and vibrant

Think also about dominant and submissive colours. The stronger colours will dominate the look and you should place these colours next to your assets. Submissive or less dramatic colours should sit over your modesties. The colours within your outfit should all work harmoniously together.

There are some colours that are difficult to get your head around. Yellow often falls into this category.

If you are thinking of making a yellow statement, check in with the mirror to see if the shade selected actually yellows your skin. If this is occurring, wear it in smaller snippets, break up the yellow with another colour or select a different shade of yellow.

I love mustard in the winter and lemon sorbet in the summer time. However, larger blocks of either don’t always work for me so I break them up. I found a patterned dress with little pieces of mustard through it and the main colourway is black and white. Fabulous!

Extract fromStyle Sessions, New Holland Publishers RRP $32.99, available from all good book retailers or online at www.newhollandpublishers.com.

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