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Friday, May 14, 2021
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City Walk upgrade works completed in time for summer

Renovation works to upgrade the public spaces along City Walk between Garema Place and Ainslie Place that have been underway since late July are now complete.

Open to the public as of today, more than 3,000 plants and 560 square meters of lawns have been installed at the site, beautifying the area in a way that will be appreciated by both the community and local business.

In addition to the gardens, the upgrades include new grass areas to reduce urban heat, improved lighting, and more street furniture.

The grass areas will be fenced off for a few weeks to allow the lawn to establish, with the pedestrian street now open in time for the warmer weather.

Seven underperforming plane trees were replaced with 12 new advanced Japanese Elms and a grove of 11 contrasting silver birches.

These deciduous trees have been chosen for their suitability to grow well in these city conditions while providing shade in summer and sunlight in winter.

New plantings also feature 20 species including banksias, violas, agapanthus, bergenia, grevilleas, lomandra, dianellas, cycads and correas and fern trees.

Seats, benches, stools, chaise lounges, high tables, coffee tables, chairs and seating walls comprise the new furniture additions.

Seventeen new steel-framed raised garden beds and five new ground-level garden beds were also installed as part of the $1.6 million City Walk upgrade project.

Local businesses will benefit with the revitalised site expected to drive increased foot traffic and direct pedestrians closer to shopfronts, while leaving the central spaces free for people to relax and enjoy.

Supporting local businesses and industry has also been central to the construction phase of the project, with the Canberra branch of Indigenous company, Rork Projects, commissioned to lead design and construction.

Rork Projects project manager Nathan Spencer said it was an exciting project for the business given “how much Canberrans engage with and enjoy” the space.

For more information on this project and to find out about events and activities planned for the city centre, visit www.act.gov.au/cityrenewal

Do you think the upgrades represent money well spent? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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