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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Cindy Reese Mitchell: My favourite things

Named the 2020 ACT Woman of the Year earlier this year, Cindy Reese Mitchell is the founding Chief Executive Officer of the Mill House Ventures. Having migrated to Australia in 2003, Cindy immediately made Canberra her home town. She has the “awesome privilege” of working with social and Indigenous entrepreneurs. “These are people who use the tools of business to create measurable social, economic, cultural or environmental change. The Mill House provides business advisory services to help people take their social venture ideas to market.” Cindy said the great thing about the growth of social enterprise is “that we can all practise conscious capitalism or consumer philanthropy just by making better everyday purchases”. She said she also felt “very smug” during the early days of the pandemic because she subscribes to Who Gives A Crap toilet paper delivery service. “By supporting a social enterprise that funds health and hygiene products, I didn’t need to battle it out in the grocery store. I was already well-supplied.”


A combination of high stress and unlucky genetics led to my having a heart attack at age 40. I bought my first fitness tracker the day I got out of the hospital. I’m obsessed with getting 10,000 steps per day. I have been known to pace my house if I’m just a few steps under.


Brooms have an important place in my culture. I find sweeping the floor the most relaxing thing ever. I even jumped the broom when I got married! When I saw this painting by Vee Malnar on exhibition at the Belconnen Arts Centre, I had to own it.


Altina is a Canberra social enterprise that produces alcohol-free craft cocktails. I love the taste and colour of this one. It’s great when you can enjoy a product and also know you are also supporting an important cause.


I’m always listening to some kind of true crime story on my walks. The only problem is that in winter, when it gets dark early, I regularly spook myself out. But, it also keeps the step count high!


I love supporting Indigenous artists and designers. I feel so proud to be Australian when I wear traditional colours and patterns. These earrings are by Garigarra Mundine. They make me feel powerful.

More my favourite things:

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