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Cheers, Dad: Father’s Day cocktail recipes

Before you serve up a fantastic lunch or dinner for Dad this weekend, treat him to a Father’s Day cocktail (or two). With a twist on two classics, the old-fashioned and the G&T – you can’t go wrong!

True Northwest

The perfect Father’s Day cocktail for the man who loves an old fashioned.

Serves 1

60ml Westward American single malt whiskey

5ml raw liquid honey

A pinch of sea salt flakes

1/2 drop of Fee Brothers old fashion aromatic bitters

Cherry, to garnish

Pour the whiskey, honey, sea salt and bitters into a mixing glass and stir.

Pour into an old-fashioned rocks glass on a large ice cube. Garnish with a cherry.

Recipe courtesy of Westward Whiskey.

Blueberry G&T

For something light and refreshing before a big lunch, the perfect Father’s Day cocktail for the G&T lover.

Serves 2

1 handful ice cubes

3/4 cup fresh blueberries

3 shots premium quality gin

1 handful fresh mint leaves

Nexba lime, cucumber and mint tonic water

Lime wheels, to garnish

Distribute ice cubes between two glasses. Add fresh blueberries, gin and mint leaves, gently mix.

Top up with tonic water and garnish with lime wheels.

Recipe courtesy of Nexba.

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