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Check In CBR app to become mandatory from Saturday

Restricted business will be required to use the ACT’s COVID-19 contact tracing app, Check In CBR, to collect patron details from this Saturday 6 March.

Restricted businesses under the ACT’s public health directions include cafés, restaurants, clubs, beauty salons, hairdressers, swimming pools, fitness centres, cultural institutions, gaming and gambling venues, adult services and entertainment venues.

Businesses will be required to “take reasonable steps” to ensure their customers and patrons check in and those businesses that fail to comply with the public health direction could face penalties.  

As well, it will be mandatory for patrons to check in using the app.

The ACT Government says more than 8,000 businesses are registered with the app, and more than 396,000 people have downloaded it.

It has assured Canberrans their information will only be accessed if it’s required for contact tracing in the event of a new case of COVID-19 in the Territory.

Businesses can register via the Government’s dedicated COVID-19 website.

How to use the Check In CBR app  

When you arrive at a business or venue, keep an eye out for the ACT Government’s purple signs, which feature a QR code.

Open the Check In CBR app on your phone, and select ‘check in now’. Hold your camera over the QR code and select ‘check in’ once the app has registered the code. Alternatively, open the camera on your smart phone and hold it over the code until your phone prompts you to open the app.

A cafe window displays the ACT Government Check In CBR poster
When you arrive at a business or venue, keep a look out for the purple signs and use your phone to check in.

If the QR code won’t register, you can select ‘check in manually’ on the app and enter the six-digit code on the poster.

Enter your details and the details of anyone you’re with. The rest of your party can also check in separately if they choose.

Once you’re all checked in, let the staff know by showing them the green tick once it appears in your app.

If you don’t have a smartphone or are having trouble checking in, the business profile function on the Check In CBR app has been introduced to help businesses check you in to their venue safely.

For details on downloading the app and setting up your profile, head to the covid19.act.gov.au website.

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