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Police target speeding in school zones this month

ACT Policing will be targeting speeding throughout the month of February, especially within Canberra’s 40km/h school zones.

Canberra students are returning to school this week, and both ACT Policing and the ACT Government have reminded road users of the 40km/h speed limit in place for school zones between 8am and 4pm on weekdays.

“School zones are busy areas with high amounts of pedestrian traffic, particularly on the first week of school as parents are there with the new students,” said Detective Inspector Marcus Boorman.

“Exceeding the speed limit in school zones puts these young people at risk. It’s simple; slow down and stick to the speed limit to ensure their safety.”

Transport Canberra asked drivers to be alert and watch for pedestrians in and around school zones, and to remember to park safely and legally.

Detective Inspector Boorman said the number of fines issued in school zones in 2020 fell by almost half, and ACT Policing want to see this continue into 2021.

“Police will be out enforcing the full penalties for those who choose to speed in school zones, an act which could have life-altering consequences.”

Access Canberra inspectors will also be patrolling school zones to enforce safe driving and parking.

To reduce congestion in school zones, Transport Canberra suggests students walk or ride to school, either from home or from a nearby ‘partway point’.

“Partway points are designated drop-off areas within a short walking distance from schools where students can walk from if walking from home is not practical,” said Transport Canberra and Business Services acting deputy director-general, Ben McHugh.

“This is a simple way to reduce congestion and increase safety around schools. They help to make the school drop-off and collection run easier and faster for all parents by reducing congestion at the school gate.”

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