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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Category: Politics

Former ACT opposition leader Alistair Coe to quit local politics

Former Canberra Liberals leader, Alistair Coe will resign from the Legislative Assembly in March, having been a member since 2008.

Towards a cleaner Canberra: ACT Government budgets for climate action

More Canberra households will be able to install solar panels and get interest-free loans for zero emission vehicles.

ACT Greens leader Shane Rattenbury confident about a bold and progressive agenda

ACT Greens leader Shane Rattenbury believes the Greens could become the ACT’s major political party in a few years.

Acting head of the Integrity Commission is appointed

Judge Michael Adams QC has been appointed as the ACT’s acting Integrity Commissioner until a permanent successor is found.

Lee-ding the Liberals: Elizabeth Lee determined to win 2024 election

Elizabeth Lee, the Canberra Liberals' new leader, will work hard to ensure that the ACT sees her party as a genuine alternate government.

Patient flow may be key to ACT’s hospital waiting time crisis

Canberra patients are well pleased with the hospital care they receive, it seems – once they finally see somebody.

Minister Zed Seselja – promoted to the Pacific

ACT Liberals Senator Zed Seselja has been promoted to Minister for International Development and the Pacific.

Castley demands answers over Gungahlin Pool closure

Leanne Castley MLA has called on Sports Minister Yvette Berry to answer if the pool at the Gungahlin Leisure Centre will reopen in 2021.

Drugs peak body welcomes Pettersson’s decriminalisation bill

The Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drugs Association ACT (ATODA) supports Michael Pettersson MLA’s proposed bill to decriminalise hard drugs.

Pettersson: Hard drug use a public health, not criminal justice, issue

Labor MLA Michael Pettersson wants to decriminalise personal possession of small amounts of hard drugs, like heroin, cocaine and ice, and see users directed to public health programs instead.

Saving the world for his children: Andrew Braddock’s first speech

Environmental engineer and former public servant Andrew Braddock, Yerrabi's new Green MLA, believes his children's future is at stake.

A Green voice for the working class: Johnathan Davis’s first speech

Social and economic inequality is the most significant political issue we face, Johnathan Davis, new Greens MLA for Brindabella, believes.

Minister approves $500m Anzac Hall redevelopment

A controversial proposal to demolish Anzac Hall, the Australian War Memorial’s award-winning exhibition space, has been passed.

Fears for young detainees’ safety, officers lack ‘basic practical training’

A new report reviewing the ACT Court Transport Unit (CTU) reveals CTU officers expressed discomfort about a lack of training when it came to using force or restraints on children and young people in their care, which can be fatal when administered incorrectly.

Minister welcomes ‘right to repair’ issues paper

The Productivity Commission will investigate consumers’ ability to have faulty goods repaired at competitive prices.

We are in a climate emergency: Jo Clay’s first speech

New Greens MLA Jo Clay entered the Legislative Assembly to do her best for the planet and for today’s refugees.

Action and advocacy: Dr Marisa Paterson’s first speech

In her first speech, Dr Marisa Paterson, the ACT’s only new Labor MLA, spoke passionately about racism, gambling, and sexual harassment.

Fighting for Canberra’s family battlers: Leanne Castley’s first speech

Leanne Castley, the new Canberra Liberals MLA for Yerrabi, wants to prove that someone from an average background can succeed in Parliament.

Creating a better future: Emma Davidson’s first speech

The new Greens MLA and Minister for Disability, Justice Health, and Mental Health made her first speech in the Legislative Assembly last week.

ACT a ‘nation-leader’ in renewable energy

The ACT has achieved 100% renewable energy and exceeded its greenhouse gas emissions reduction target for the year, the government announced.

Corrective Services debuts disability inclusion action plan

One in five people in Australia have some form of disability, about 18% of the population, however that number more than doubles in correction facilities, where almost 50% of adult detainees have a disability.