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Saturday, June 12, 2021

Category: Politics

Responsible gambling – a bright shining lie Crown Resorts and others can no longer hide behind

This week the Victorian Royal Commission into the Crown Melbourne casino heard from the casino's general manager for responsible gambling.

Not just Parliament House: Canberra should become a National Park City

Becoming Australia’s first National Park City would make Canberra a more attractive destination, says Labor MLA Marisa Paterson.

Free legal service for disadvantaged Canberrans seeks government support

Canberra Community Law (CCL) has provided free legal services for almost 35 years – but seeks $550,000 from the ACT Government to survive.

Government to set up new loose-fill asbestos buyback scheme

The new scheme is in large part a continuation of the current buyback program which closes on 17 August, but will apply only to properties found to have loose-fill asbestos after that date.

ACT Government calls for fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty

The ACT Government has endorsed a treaty calling on Australia to leave fossil fuel in the ground and to stop subsidising the industry.

It’s inevitable: Free registration for the electric cars of the future

The ACT Government has thrown down the gauntlet to the rest of Australia: two years of free registration for zero emissions vehicles.

A thousand school students go on strike against climate change

A thousand young people and their supporters took part in the first national climate school strike since the pandemic began.

Staff shortages could reach crisis point in ACT, business chamber warns

The Canberra Business Chamber believes staff shortages are reaching crisis point, and that the government may need to intervene.

Tourism awards to celebrate resilience

This year’s Canberra Region Tourism Awards, launched by Chief Minister Andrew Barr yesterday, celebrate resilience after a difficult year.

CBR could have direct trans-Tasman flights by spring

Canberrans could fly to New Zealand by spring; meanwhile, the ACT's tourism sector has rebounded from COVID, Chief Minister Andrew Barr says.

Queer and transgender people address ACT politicians

Queer Canberrans spoke at a Legislative Assembly panel for the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT).

Confidence in government declines among voters

Views on sexual assault and harassment in the workplace have influenced “a very large decline in confidence in Federal Government among Australian voters”, new analysis from The Australian National University shows.

Care for young people should be extended to 21

Young people should be able to remain in care until they turn 21, politicians decided, rather than being kicked out of care when they turn 18.

Car parks or consultation for Yerrabi Pond

The government planned more car parks for Yerrabi Pond eight years ago. Will $300,000 for improvements include those car parks?

Federal Budget: Infrastructure and the environment

The 2021–22 Federal Budget provides millions for Canberra infrastructure - but the Greens say other policies threaten the environment.

Federal Budget: Housing

The Budget promises to help first home owners and single parents buy houses - but social services say it does nothing for the poorest people.

Federal Budget: Tax versus poverty relief

Will the Budget give thousands of Canberrans a tax break - or disadvantage some of Canberra’s most vulnerable people?

Federal Budget: Health, education and social services

The Budget has the highest ever investment in education for the ACT. Also hospitals, childcare, and aged care.

Federal Budget: Canberra-specific measures

Millions for national institutions and an asbestos assistance scheme are some of the ACT boons under the Federal Budget.

Federal Budget: Overview

Is the 2021–22 Federal Budget a job-creating boost to the economy, a marketing exercise, or part of the Coalition’s election campaign?

Legislative reform necessary for domestic violence

ACT laws must be changed to ensure tougher sentences for people convicted of domestic or family violence, local politicians agree.
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