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Wednesday, July 15, 2020
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Religious freedom now a political football

In the face of severe backlash from religious conservatives in the Liberal Party after the same sex marriage plebiscite, Malcolm Turnbull established...

Whatever you can get away with

It’s nothing new that “history is always written by winners.” But rolled into this assessment is a disturbing new “morality” at work...

Call out family violence

Scott Morrison spoke for the nation when he responded to the horrific murder suicide of a family in Brisbane. The Prime Minister said that...

True recognition

In 2019, we, as a nation, struggle to acknowledge that this land was taken from the people who had been here for millennia, there is no true recognition.

McKenzie gone for the scandal

Is it any wonder that Australians are losing faith in the way our democracy works? The minister responsible for administering a $100...

Top apprentice: ‘Australia needs tradespeople’

The 2019 ACT Apprentice of the Year James White has long held a passion for cutting, shaping and building with his hands.

From the editor: Environment a rising concern

A January 2020 poll taken during Australia’s recent bushfire crisis reveals that the environment is a rising concern and has rocketed up...

From the editor: Sailing in Tasmania

Thanks to friends in the Canberra Ocean Racing Club, lucky me spent last week on sailing in...

Party registration reminder

New parties intending to register for the 2020 ACT election that they have just under four months left to do so.

Smoke clears but burning questions remain

Fire Fight Australia, the spectacular 10-hour fundraising concert at the weekend, was compelling evidence that Australians and indeed people worldwide care for each other. The...

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