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Thursday, April 9, 2020
Fyshwick Markets
Fyshwick Markets

Fake news checklist to fight against misinformation

Want to spot fake news when it appears in your feed? Responsible Technology Australia has some useful tips for our readers.

Meeting the coronavirus test

Extreme times demand extreme measures but it is not clear that many Australians appreciate the threat being posed by the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus leaves fans nothing to cheer about

Last weekend gave Canberra’s footy fans plenty to cheer about with the Brumbies and the Raiders running out winners in front of...

From the editor: Social distancing

Every year, dictionaries around the world choose their own word of the year. My frontrunner so far is “social distancing” (formerly known as...

What about the workers?

The coronavirus is not just showing up vulnerabilities in people’s immune systems, but also inadequacies in how millions of Australian workers are paid.

Health crisis a real test

Political analyst Paul Bongiorno Australians should be really grateful for something called the Biodiversity Act. That gives the...

From the editor: Covid-19 spreading

Canberra Weekly editor Julie Samaras As corona virus Covid-19 continues to spread, people around the globe – from Australia,...

Party registration reminder

New parties intending to register for the 2020 ACT election that they have just under four months left to do so.

Call out family violence

Scott Morrison spoke for the nation when he responded to the horrific murder suicide of a family in Brisbane. The Prime Minister said that...

From the editor: Wedding feature

Canberra Weekly editor Julie Samaras In this week’s issue, you’ll find our annual wedding feature (pages 27-33). For...

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