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Monday, January 25, 2021
Ian Cubitts
Ian Cubitts

Category: Opinion

Election day 2020: No queue, no democracy sausage

This year, despite my best intentions to heed the ACT Electoral Commission’s appeal to “Vote safe. Vote early” – as the vast majority of the ACT electorate did – I found myself waiting until today, Saturday 17 October, the official election day, to cast my vote.

ACT Election 2020: Alistair Coe speaks

Prior to election day Canberra Liberals leader Alistair Coe writes of "making Canberra the best place to live, work and raise a family".

Women hardest hit by rural doctor shortage

A medicine academic and regional GP from Orange says women are hit hardest by Australia’s rural doctor shortage, and more needs to be done to ensure all women have access to a female doctor, regardless of where they live.

From the editor: Being grateful is good for you

Regular readers will be familiar with my “reasons to be grateful” that round off most columns.

National Cabinet meeting a flashpoint for future of Federation

Federal Agriculture Minister David Littleproud believes tomorrow's National Cabinet meeting (Friday 21 August) has become a flashpoint for the future of Australia’s Federation. “Unless Premiers commit to work with one another to find...

From the editor: The male #Karen

A quick Facebook poll CW conducted this week and research of previous mentions elsewhere, suggests the male equivalent of #Karen is #Kevin or #Ken (apologies to every kind, well-adjusted, community-minded, hashtag-free Karen,...

How many ‘what ifs’ lead to a coronavirus test?

Last week I had a coronavirus test, it was my first but it’s unlikely to be my last. CW journalist Cassandra Power shares her firsthand account ...

From the editor: Just checking in

Hello dear readers. Just checking in to see how you’re doing as this pandemic and associated restrictions continue, locally and globally.

From the editor: Plastic Free July

This month is Plastic Free July; if only it were also Covid-free. Sigh.

From the editor: Vale, Tony Lovell

This week, I am grateful for a lifetime of knowing my brother, and the love of our parents, our family and his offspring. Vale, Tony Lovell.

Buying Australian equals supporting Australian jobs

The Mental Health Foundation Australia is encouraging the Australian public to support and buy Australian made products to boost employment which can reduce mental health issues.

Opinion: Canberrans have risen to the challenge

It has been a difficult year but Canberrans have risen to the challenge and cared for one another, says Labor Senator for the ACT, Katy Gallagher. This year has been a difficult one...

From the editor: Active neighbourhoods

Is it just me, or have you noticed many more folk, particularly families, out walking, cycling, riding scooters in your neighbourhood lately? Clearly, it’s not just me, as the ACT Government has...

From the editor: Living that iso life

For many of us, iso life is a whole different ballgame to our existence pre-pandemic. How are you finding it? Several local photographers are taking the opportunity to document iso life in...

Opinion: Canberrans want schools to be open

We’re starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel and Canberrans want schools to be open, argues Senator Zed Seselja, Liberal Senator for the ACT,

From the editor: We’re all in this together

As if I needed a nudge, some lessons I’m taking from the continuing COVID-19 pandemic are to find joy in each day and to not take things for granted. One never knows...

Inspiring Australians share words of wisdom to help us through COVID-19 pandemic

From reassuring advice for pregnant and breastfeeding women to messages of resilience and kindness, the 2020 Australian of the Year Award recipients are sharing their tips on staying happy, healthy and positive...

From the editor: Easter isolation

Greetings dear readers, how did you go over the isolation Easter long weekend 2020? For 10 of the previous 11 Easters, I had frequented the National Folk Festival at EPIC, and usually enjoyed...

5 things I’ve learnt about going grey

Grey is the new black. Especially in the era of COVID-19 shutdowns when access to hairdressing services is restricted due to health and safety concerns.

How long until ‘BBC Dad’ viral video is eclipsed?

This week, it’s come to my attention that the current home schooling situation has the potential to provide plenty more hilarious fodder like the 'BBC Dad' viral video. You know the one;...

From the editor: The last escape

Last weekend, I escaped (legally) to a friend’s beachside pad near Batemans Bay. Taking physical distancing into account, we ate al fresco at a bayside café, swam in the ocean and bushwalked along the coast....