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Sunday, June 13, 2021

Category: Opinion

Victorian public servants reap $1500 pay rise in lockdowns

The 2020 lockdowns in Victoria led to a pay rise of $1,500 for the average public servant while the average private sector worker lost $1,200 in wages, according to analysis released today by think tank the Institute of Public Affairs.

Climate debate fuels youth hopelessness

Observers of the march through Civic on 21 May – protesting government inaction on climate change – probably fell into two camps.

68% of millennials earn more than their parents, but boomers had it better

According to the most recent data, just 29% of Australians believe today’s children will be better off financially than their parents.

Can the Olympics still be cancelled? Yes, but the legal and financial fallout would be staggering

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is adamant the Tokyo Olympics will begin as scheduled on July 23, followed by the Paralympic Games on August 24. Polls indicate the Japanese public is equally adamant that neither event should go ahead.

Letter to the editor: what is the right kind of euthanasia?

In response to Gary Humphries' most recent column, 'ACT sidelined in the euthanasia debate', a reader poses the question: what is the right kind of euthanasia?

Cash rate should stay on hold for next 12 months: RBA Shadow Board

The official cash rate should remain at a historic low of 0.1% for at least one year, according to The Australian National University’s RBA Shadow Board.

What’s the ‘Indian’ variant responsible for Victoria’s outbreak and how effective are vaccines against it?

Victoria’s seven day lockdown, which began last night, is an attempt to stop transmission of the quick-spreading COVID-19 B.1.617.1 variant.

The AFR’s 2021 Rich List shows we’re not all in this together

While the financial well-being of everyday Australians has been hit hard by COVID-19, it’s quite the opposite at the top end of town.

It’s time for Australia to drop its phased approach to the vaccine rollout

Australia’s vaccine rollout has attracted significant criticism for its slow pace.

ACT sidelined in euthanasia debate

The national conversation has turned to euthanasia. And it’s a big debate, worthy of the close attention of every Australian.

Time to end Canberra’s love affair with Labor?

It’s not a claim the Labor Party would ever want to be heard making, but it’s true: Labor is the natural party of government in Canberra.

Australia risks becoming a hermit nation. Here’s a five-step road-map to reopen our borders safely

National capability — you might also say, national character — can be revealed in a crisis. So, what has COVID-19 taught us about Australia?

Finally, an ongoing commitment to funding preschool. But the conditions are hazy and ill-defined

The 2021-22 budget includes funding for 15 hours per week of free preschool education for all children in the year before school, but the details are hazy argues Associate Professor Lennie Barblett of Edith Cowan University.

Big-spending ‘recovery budget’ leaves universities out in the cold

The 2021 federal budget has largely ignored the plight of Australian universities.

Nonsense galore over India ban

There were always serious question marks over the decision to ban Australians returning from India.

Keep it realistic on Mother’s Day for happier families

The Positive Parenting Program is encouraging people to keep parenting realistic and focusing on spending time together this Mother’s Day.

ACT prison designed to fail

After Health, the Corrections portfolio would have to be the biggest poisoned chalice a minister could be given in this Territory.

Is Australia’s India travel ban legal? A citizenship law expert explains

There is a growing public and political outcry over the federal government’s sudden travel ban on Australians from coming home from India.

Hindus condemn Australia for criminalising coming home

Hindus worldwide have condemned Australia’s announcement of ban on Australian citizens returning home from India; with which failure to comply could incur a civil penalty of $66,600, five years’ imprisonment, or both.

To the editor: In defence of the 116 trees

In defence of the one hundred and sixteen: I knew them well — most of them — these 116 trees.

Hawkish talk of ‘drums of war’ not in Australia’s interests

The Australian people do not want to go to war with China and politicians pushing Australia are not doing so in the interests of the Australian people, argues Annette Brownlie, chair of the Independent and Peaceful Australian Network.
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