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Wednesday, July 15, 2020
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Pandemic not over despite no active cases in the ACT

NEW UPDATE 12/5: No new cases in the ACT after weekend of eased restrictions The COVID-19 pandemic is not...

R U OK? Make staying connected a new daily routine

Australian not-for-profit organisation, R U OK?, is calling on Australians to include staying connected in their daily routine as they deal with...

Time to rethink ‘sickness presenteeism’: study

Many people go to work sick, however it is time to rethink ‘sickness presenteeism’ in light of the global coronavirus pandemic, according...

Tips for keeping children safe while sharing parenting during the COVID-19...

Children need calm reassurance from the adults in their life if they are to thrive, especially when sharing parenting during the COVID-19...

‘Keep your distance’ as restrictions ease

“If you’re going out to a local restaurant or café – keep your distance when you order and wait for takeaway and be ready to change plans if a venue is full," says ACT Acting Chief Health Officer, Dr Vanessa Johnston.

Concern for drinkers increasing intake from ‘high base’: study

A new study from the Australian National University shows more people have decreased their alcohol intake during the coronavirus crisis than increased.

Two in three volunteers stopped vital work due to COVID-19

Almost two-thirds (65.9%) of Australian volunteers have stopped volunteering since February due to COVID-19, equating to 12.2 million hours per week, new...

Diversity continues to be a barrier in STEM

ANU Biologist Dr Megan Head has some faced barriers in her STEM career, but she did not always understand how her gender held her back.

Upgrades for ACT Ambulance Service

Three new emergency service vehicles join the fleet at ACT Ambulance Service (ACTAS), set to hit ACT roads by the end of the month.

Homebirth a permanent option for ACT families

Eligible families in the ACT will now be able to access homebirth as a birthing option through Canberra Health Services following the completion of a successful trial program.

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