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Wednesday, July 15, 2020
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MPG Sales

Fitness foundation: seven of the best exercises

With these seven exercises you can build a solid foundation for your health and fitness.

Getting ‘back’ to work: is your office setup spine-friendly?

Restrictions are being lifted and we’re all gradually heading back into the office. Is your body ready? How many hours a day...

Self-care essentials

Here are some self-care essentials that will help you take care of your mind, body and soul. Vintage wash...

Soak up the benefits

The days and nights are cooling down, which means it’s the perfect time to soak in a steaming hot bath and soak...

Team building and leadership

In sport, we always talk about teamwork and team building, and how this could be the difference between winning or losing.

Training at home

The world we are living in is changing rapidly, and as our editor says: “It’s life, Lee, but not as we know it”.

Focus and de-stress: keep active at home

It is important for you and your family’s physical and mental health that you stay active in these times. With people practising...

Running out of isolation

Running may seem simple and easy, but if you are just starting out, it can be overwhelming. And if you have been...

Helen King offers hearing solutions at home

Hearing problems can arise at any age, and if you’re concerned about your hearing, it’s best to get it addressed sooner rather...

The leopard crawl

Continuing on from my last column about taking on obstacle events; you will need to know this exercise! You’ll be crawling under...

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