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Category: Gardening

More than you imagine at National Arboretum Canberra

The Discovery Kitchen Garden at the Australian National Arboretum consists of a large, raised bed approximately 6m long and 1.5m wide.

Saving seeds opens a diverse world of food

Growing veggies from seed you’ve personally collected must be the holy grail of sustainability.  But how difficult, laborious, or plausible is it? Canberra Seed Savers is a local cooperative network in and around the...

Diversity, spontaneity and heart

This beautiful garden on a 468sqm block in Dickson is thoughtfully tended by Dominique and her son Leigh, a professional horticulturist.

Black Mountain: A Natural History of a Canberra Icon

This new reference book, Friends of Black Mountain, is based on background papers presented by experts at the 2018 Black Mountain Symposium.

Jobs for the garden this spring

With recent winter rains and favourable weather, this spring is leaping into action, and along with it, us garden folk! Spring is one of the most motivating and busy times in the...

Spring into veg this growing season

Growing vegetables from seed is worthwhile and satisfying and might help you find varieties not readily available elsewhere.

How to preserve lemons

CW garden writer Tracey Bool shares her recipes for preserved lemons – a delicious and long-lasting way to use surplus homegrown lemons.

Reviving green desk-mates

As offices re-open, many employees have returned to their desks to discover that their once well-tended workplace plants may not have stood up too well to the stresses of isolation.

This week in the garden

Winter is the ideal time to plant and transplant deciduous trees, shrubs, berry canes and similar, as they are dormant and stress is kept to a minimum.

The perfect mix of exotics and natives

Tinus, a professional horticulturist and garden designer, and his partner Levi, renovated their property in Evatt two years ago. Only a few original plants remain on the 738sqm block, including a variegated...

Build your garden from the ground up using sheet mulching

Sheet mulching is a form of no-dig gardening, which allows you to build up your soil without hours of back-breaking labour. It consists of Carbon and Nitrogen rich organic materials being stacked...

Benefits of balcony gardening

Aside from being a fun hobby, gardening offers a wealth of benefits – and even if you don’t have a backyard, that doesn’t mean a garden is an impossibility. Any space, even...

Chores to tackle in the garden

Now is the time to purchase spring flowering bulbs and deciduous trees, shrubs, vines, and other dormant plants. Visit your local garden centre for ideas and advice. Alternatively, there are also some...

Low-maintenance garden makeover

There are plenty of ways to make a backyard low-maintenance without compromising on style. According to Northcote Pottery ambassador, TV presenter and gardening expert, Melissa King, outdoor areas don’t have to be...

Autumn is for composting

Composting is the process of decomposing household and garden ‘waste’ into nutrient-rich soil improver, using minimal output (that is, human labour), for maximum gain (enviously abundant, healthy plant life). Anyone can create compost...

Out and about in autumn

Autumn is one of the best times to explore your local nature reserves, get some fresh air and exercise, and enjoy the seasonal flowers. Flowers of The ACT & Region by Don and...

Be bold and grow your own

In light of recent challenges in our world as we know it, there has never been a better time to grow your own food! Anyone can grow some vegetables, herbs and leafy...

Can you only plant strawberries in a strawberry pot?

Reader question Q: I have been gifted an empty strawberry pot. Are there other kinds of plants that could be planted in it instead of strawberries? And do you recommend using different potting mix depending on...

5 updates to refresh your backyard

Not every backyard is created equal in terms of available space – but where there’s a creative will, there’s a way to make the most of outdoor areas.

3 tips to create a healing haven at home

Greenery and natural surroundings are good for both your physical and mental health, with a 30-minute session of garden therapy great for releasing stress and unwinding. Gardening can help you to remain positive, healthy, in touch...

Autumn gardening

As autumn sweeps over Canberra there's plenty to do in the garden to continue your summer growing while preparing for winter.